Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) – Notification of Force Majeure

Notification of Force Majeure due to Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

As a result of the ongoing pandemic affecting the country, we must hereby notify that the consequences of this may affect Norsk Stål’s ability to fulfil our obligations.

The situation is fully beyond our control, and on the basis of the government’s active preventive measures, quarantine and travel restrictions, it is likely that a situation occurs under which we may not be able to fulfil our obligations to our customers.

Norsk Stål takes its responsibility as a supplier seriously, and follow the recommendations set forth by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Government’s preventive measures. This may affect our production and logistical options in the near future, particularly should the situation escalate further. Recently we have temporarily closed one of our business premises as a result of the situation. Thankfully due to our local presence at various locations around the country, we have managed to fulfil our delivery obligations by rerouting and handling these deliveries from other locations.

This is an unforeseen situation to Norsk Stål, and the situation can thus be regarded as a Force Majeure according to our Terms and Conditions for sale, and any agreements and contracts that contain provisions to that effect.

Our employees are tirelessly working to continuously solve challenges as they arise, and we will continue this work and commitment to our obligations in the coming time.