Greener – Sustainability in Norsk Stål

Greener is a new series of articles focusing on sustainability, the environment and the steel and metals industry.

Presently, a number of measures are taken in Norsk Stål in order to ensure a higher level of sustainability and environmental protection. Since Norsk Stål is Norway’s largest supplier of steel and metals, it’s important for us to be a good role model. It’s both hard and demanding to find new solutions.

Environmental Goals

One of our most recent initiatives is to employ one person to specifically work with energy, environment and operations. A result of this has been that we started to work with “environmental goals” in January of 2018. Each department decided upon 2-3 goals, while monitoring and follow-ups is being worked on. Yearly results are reviewed in January. The results decide what the company will prioritise the upcoming year. In addition to the departments “environmental goals” we also focus on controlling how to properly store hazardous waste until drop off- time, as well as correct labelling of chemicals. Metal is collected and recycled in locally in Norway, and converted into new products for sale.


Our products are delivered by car throughout Norway. Hence we focus on using conveyors with newer cars with the lowest possible emissions. In addition, we work purposefully to improve the utilisation rate of the cars’ route structure, so that emissions per delivered tonnes of steel are reduced.

Digital and Sustainable

Other measures have also been taken in order to become a greener company. The use of Skype for meetings has increased, and most of our employees are now available on Skype for Business. Using tools such as Skype regularly ensures fewer flights and drives. We specifically prefer to use electronic invoices, both as a receiver and a sender. This reduces our paper use.

Thinking Green

It’s important for us to consider the environment in our everyday lives. Our newer buildings has electric car charging stations, and most of our offices have lights that turn off automatically after a certain time has passed without any activity in the room. The lighting in our production halls are being changed to LED lights. If more people are travelling to the same place, we encourage carpooling or using public transportation.

We’re excited for a greener future!