Hardox HiTuf

Norsk Stål can supply you with Hardox® HiTuf specialised for structural wear resistance needs.

Hardox® HiTuf is an abrasion resistant plate with guaranteed impact toughness, placing itself at the intersection of structural steel and wear resistant steel. With a hardness of 350 Brinell and yield strength of 850 MPa, Hardox® HiTuf is a good choice in situations where you need weldability, structural strength and durability in your steel. The product is intended to be used in structural wear parts such as demolition tools, excavation equipment and thick cutting edges.

Norsk Stål stocks 60, 90 and 110 mm, but can acquire any types you may need. Contact your salesperson for more information. Hardox® HiTuf is supplied in 40-160 mm thickness and up to 3 350 mm width and 14 630 mm length.

Hardox® wear plate is a registered trademark of the SSAB group of companies
– Norsk Stål is an official certified trader of the brand