Approximately 100 tons of galvanized beams from Norsk Stål to be used as noise barriers along the development of E39 Eiganestunnelen – E06 Dagson.

In January 2019 Norsk Stål recieved an order from Risa AS, one of the areas largest contractors.

The order was for approximately 100 tons of galvanized beams, cut to the customers specific measurements. The beams will be used as noise barriers along the development of E39  in Tasta, Stavanger.

The enterprise E39 Eiganestunnelen – E06 Dagsone Tasta includes a new submerged four-lane E39 from the Eiganestunnel portal at Tasta, which will merge into a two-lane road at the exit to the parking lot at Store Stokkavann, a stretch of approximately 700 meters.

There will also be a new top cross designed as a roundabout bridge over the new E39, with connection to the local traffic as well as the entry and exit fields on E39. As well as a new bridge over E39 for access to homes on the west side of E39 and hiking areas, and ramp down to bus stop at E39.

The project is expected to be completed in March 2019.