New Hardox 500 Tuf

Combines the best features of the Hardox 450 and Hardox 500 into one product!

The newest ground-breaking development within abrasive plates combines extreme hardness (between 475 and 505 HBW) and incredible toughness. This solution provides an incredibly robust and durable material for challenging applications.

Hardox 500 Tuf is optimal in operations with high wear from sharp stones, heavy steel scrap and demolition debris. The typical Charpy test values ​​are almost as high as those of the Hardox 450, and are guaranteed 27 Joules at -20 ° C, which results in very good protection against cracking – even in an icy climate.

These characteristics allow you to use a thinner plate and still maintain the same lifetime as when using the Hardox 450. This also helps to save weight significantly. Optionally, the same thickness can be used and increase the service life by up to 35-50% compared to the Hardox 450 according to tests conducted by SSAB (their WearCalc indicates a 53% longer lifetime in granite compared to the Hardox 450). The material also has the same recommendations for welding and breaking radius as the Hardox 450.

So an upgrade to the new Hardox 500 Tuf can easily increase the capacity and service life of your product.
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