We're happy to announce that we've been an active part of Norwegian industrial history for almost two decades - we're ready to continue our long traditions of staying ahead of the times!

A lot has changed in a 195 years. The high age of Norsk Stål proves the companys ability to evolve and change with the times. This is especially important in todays day and age, as this digital era can be characterized by innovation, frequent change and a fast pace.

If one takes a step back and look at how the world was 195 years ago, it was a very different place. Oslo for example (the capital of Norway, formerly known as Christiania) only had 16.000 inhabitans, wheras the city today houses approximately 700.000 people. One of the people living in Oslo in 1823 was Peter Schreiner, businessman and founder of the company which eventually would become Norsk Stål.

Peter H. Schreiners residency letter (borgerbrev)

As a young man, Peter H. Shcreiner wanted to become a businessman in Norway. On October 3rd 1823 he was granted his residency, and on October 20th he opened his business “Peter Schreiner sen”.

The business started as a traditional grocer, that sold a little bit of everything. This also included some steel and iron hardware. This where the spark of Norsk Stål was ignited.

A lot has changed since then, but the most important things are still the same: the pleasure of offering our customers high quality products.

Hopefully we will be able to the same in yet another 195 years.

Happy birthday!