Opening hours for the summer 2019

Different opening hours at our warehouses - Varying from closing in week 28 to 30, but some have open all summer

Due to summer holidays all our warehouses will have some reduced capacity for receipt and delivery of goods*.
We will only work day-shifts and kindly ask you to keep in mind delays in loading and unloading may occur.

The following warehouses are closed in the stated time frame:

  • Søgne – open all summer for customers – closed for delivery week 29-30 (15.-29. July)
  • Horten open all summer for customers – closed for delivery in week 28-29 (8.-19. July)
  • Bergen closed week 28-29 (8.-19. July)
  • Larvik closed week 29 (15.-19. July)
  • Brumunddal closed week 29 (15.-19. July)
  • Klepp closed week 30 (22.-26. July)
  • Trondheim, Stavanger and Harstad are open all summer

*This applies only to goods with delivery to our warehouses.
Any direct orders to our customers shall be delivered as agreed with the purchaser in charge

Downloadable version can be found here