Reference of the Month – April 2019

Norsk Stål has provided Norways first underwater restaurant with steel.

In 2017 the making of Norways first underwater restauarant was announced, located at Norways southern most point, Lindesnes. The restaurants unique design from renowned Snøhetta quickly captured the interest of the international media, and for the last two years the design has circulated all over.

As a result you’ll be able to read all about the project in newsmedia across the world.

The restaurant, aptly named Under, opened to the public in April 2019 and is already completly booked until September.

Norsk Stål is always very proud of the projects we get to contribute to. However, taking part in something as special as Under has been a priviliege. This project is also a fun reminder that steel can be used for so many cool purposes!

We delivered approximately 200 tons of rebar to our customer, BRG Entreprenør. The steel was used for the actual construction that goes into the water, as seen in the video below.

Please enjoy the following timelapse of the immersion of Under into the sea.