Barents Skipsservice opened new facilities this fall. Among other things Norsk Stål has supplied rebar and steel beams for the project.

This month we would like to focus on one of our customers from Northern Norway: Barents Skipsservice. Barents Skipsservice  is a mechanical workshop in Båtsfjord, Finnmark. Norsk Stål has supplied a variety of products to their most recent proejct this fall, as they were building a new system for lifting vessels onto land, as well as upgrading their docks. Norsk Ståls delivery covered approximately 50 tons of rebar supplied through Båtsfjord Mur & Betong AS, as well as about 40 tons of steel beams etc.

Most companies conduct yearly cleaning, maintenance and repairs of their vessels. Barents Skipsservices new facility can accomodate vessels of 20 to 70 feet long, and lift them ashore. The new facility was finalized and opened in September 2018.