Reference of the Month – March 2018

The double-track railway system between Larvik and Porsgrunn

This is a giant project under construction in Vestfold and Telemark now. The biggest advantage with the new railway is that the travel time is reduced by 20 minutes.

From Farrisidet (Larvik) to Porsgrunn, 22.5 km of double-track railway, divided into seven tunnels and ten bridges, with a total price of NOK 7.2 billion (2016) is being built.
The plan is that the project will be completed by the autumn of 2018.

Norsk Stål contributed 17,000 tonnes of rebars to the large-scale infrastructure project.
In total, 3 of the 4 contractors in the project (Skanska, Veidekke and Implenia) have chosen Norsk Stål as their supplier.

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