Reference of the Month – May 2018

Campus Ås - Norway's largest collective expansion within the higher education sector

On behalf of the Ministry of Education, the Veterinary Institute and the Veterinary College will share the same location on the expanded “Campus Ås“. In total, the building area is 63 100 square meters, consisting of 8 buildings with 2 400 rooms and a total cost framework of 6 900 million NOK including equipment.

The plan is for the building to open for employees and students by 2020, with a lot of new advanced equipment contributing to groundbreaking research and education.

Norsk Stål has delivered around 800 tonnes of beams and hollow sections to EMV Construction, which has set up the steel framework for Campus Ås. The delivery has lasted for about two years, where we have delivered shot blasted and primed steel according to drawings and lists submitted by the customer.

EMV has made the steel ready for assembly by using their automated machine, and assembled all the structural steel Campus Ås.


Sources/read more: Statsbygg and EMV Construction