Reference of the month – November 2018

450 tons of steel for tanks at fishmeal and fishoil factory at Husøy.

During the fall of 2018, Norsk Stål provided 450 tons of steel to the production of five tanks at Westcon in Florø. The tanks was ordrered by Karmsund Protein AS; the newest, most modnern and energy efficient fishmeal and fishoil factory worldwide. They opened new factory premises at Husøy February of this year.

Westcon has previously been tasked with the planning, consutruction and assembly of eight 32 meter tall tanks by Karmsund Protein.

Currently they’re working on producing five more tanks. One is a 14 meter tall tank, which will be used for storing fish oil. They’re also producing an additional four 32 meter tall tanks. These will be used as fishmeal silos. The tanks weigh approximately 100 tons each.

Norsk Stål has supplied the steel to both of the projects mentioned above. The newest order included a delivery of 400 tons of primed plates, as well as 50 tons of primed profiles.