Weathering steel

We are the largest supplier within the Norwegian market on weathering steel! Get to know the product a bit further here

Norsk Stål has a wide array of weathering plates in our warehouses. The product credit its fame through the broad use within in the world of architecture. We stock many dimensions and thicknesses, so you usually find what you need from our stock. If you want something out of the ordinary, we also offer the product with special customisation. You can get it delivered down to millimeter precision in slitted coils, and in customised lengths!

Laura Ollikka: Finland, Rovaniemi

The steel is supplied with CE-marked steel that can be used in constructions within the EN1090.

Norsk Stål has extensive cooperation with SSAB, which offers Weathering and COR-TEN®. The product is most famous for the ability is to create an impression of rusted steel, without compromising the steel quality. Weathering steel, manufactured by SSAB, is becoming increasingly popular around the world thanks to its effective surface patina.

Despite the rust, the steel is resistant to all weather conditions. Copper, chrome, nickel and phosphorus provides the steel with a self-protective oxidised surface. This means that ceiling and facade surfaces are virtually maintenance-free, eliminating the cost of paint.

The weathering steel is available in different product types and dimensions, with a yield limit of up to 960 MPa. The product range includes hot-rolled sheets, hot rolled or cold rolled steel strips, steel pipes and steel profiles. The steel also has very good properties in forming, machining and welding.

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