Statement regarding COVID19

At Norsk Stål HSE is our first and largest priority. In relation to the corona virus we take continuous measures to reduce the risks.

We follow our government’s recommendations, in addition to implementing stricter measures. The disease has not been detected in any of Norsk Stål’s employees. We monitor the development closely and continuously align ourselves with recommended measures from the authorities.

The business will operate as normal, and our deliveries to customers will go as planned.

Measures at Norsk Stål

Among other things, we have an internal travel ban, most employees work from home and have strict requirements for cough and hand hygiene. Travel and meeting activities and social interaction at work are limited to a bare minimum. We also encourage employees to continue the measures privately. These are just some of the preventive actions to limit the virus in reaching us.

Do the products carry any risk of infection?

The corona virus expected survival time on a material surface ranges from estimates of a few hours to several days depending on factors such as humidity, temperature and type of surface. The time spent in transport and storage of our products usually exceeds the period of what the virus can survive. In addition to that, our materials are handled with increased care and minimal physical contact. Our operators and carriers follow strict guidelines for handling the products.

Our supplies are monitored closely

We have frequent and ongoing contact with our suppliers to be on top of the issue. The effect so far on our deliveries has been limited, with some minor delays on selected items. Norsk Stål also encourages our suppliers to take their precautions to limit infection. We will continue to maintain the close communication to ensure that we continue to deliver as usual.

Here is a downloadable .pdf-version of the document